The Local Messiah

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The Local Messiah

Post by Admin on Mon Feb 06, 2017 6:10 pm

The Local Messiah

“And he said unto them, Let us go into the next towns, that I may preach there also: for therefore came I forth.” - Mark 1:38

The mandate is clear; Matthew 28:19: “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations” it is therefore surprising how many Christians today have neglected the commission and have gone on a private mission of making a ‘local messiah’ and how all nations have become only the ‘green pastures’ the comfort zone where the Word is sown already.

In Mark Chapter 1, starting from verse 21, we can see Jesus taking up this mission, relentlessly from one place to another. Even in the synagogue He manifested the signs of who He is (vs. 23-25). Clearly we can infer that our teaching as soul winners could and should be accompanied with signs when needed. His fame quickly spread around Galilee (vs. 28), but that was not His concern then. Definitely, Christ knew He would become the message to be preached throughout the whole world, but He took the most urgent thing, converting the souls of men to God with such importance He did not even want the fame. This is very much contrary to what many preachers today do; they put themselves and not Christ at the centre of the message, creating an image of themselves as a Messiah. Such an error! His mission was accomplished there and so He moved on with His disciples to the next place of assignment (vs. 29). How else would Jesus had known where to go next if He was not led by the Spirit? We should carefully consider this too.

The people knew about the presence of the Messiah and quickly gathered round Him (vs. 33). And indeed, He showed them signs but one thing Christ would never omit is the teaching. We should understand that if we refuse to bring people to salvation and we only show signs, we could end up making them believe in signs or in ourselves alone instead of pointing them to the real source of everything. Healing a whole city must have taken all day and so in the morning, very early, He went and continued His usual communication with the father (vs. 35). Many, seeking to ‘localize’ the Messiah of the World came looking for Him again (vs. 37) but look at His reply in vs. 38. Many a times, the mission field after God has taken the glory seems a haven we should not leave again, what about the other souls? Christ knew His mission and that there were still places to cover that He is yet to reach, why then would He become a local Messiah in a city?!

All glory to God, Christ is omnipresent. We do not need to station our mission in the just one place when the world is our pulpit. The omnipresent Messiah is already on ground and within reach at any place, city, village, country won for Him. We should go to the next ‘towns’; this is our calling!

Talk to God: Father, empower me to go places for the sake of your name, not stationing myself as the Messiah instead of you in Jesus’ name, amen.


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