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Evident Faith

Post by Admin on Sat Feb 11, 2017 11:32 am

It is often a part of our new year’s
resolutions to want our faith to grow or
strengthen it. However, in recent years, I
have observed an aspect of faith that
neither involved size nor strength. I saw
something that was more powerful, and
relevant. What I had observed was evident
faith. James 2:20 says that faith apart from
works is “useless” (ESV), or even,
“dead” (KJV).
God’s power is unleashed when we take
action on our faith. This is what I call
evident faith – faith that people can see and
experience. Jesus said that a faith, even as
small as a mustard seed, is enough to move mountains. Hence,
the fruit of our faith is not directly proportional to its size.
Hebrews 11:1 says, “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped
for, the conviction of things not seen.” (ESV)
Here, we see the word conviction. Conviction is a very powerful
expression of belief. Convictions precede actions. In fact, genuine
convictions should lead to actions. If we are unwilling to take
action, then the validity and existence of such conviction should be
questioned. It can be said that convictions not resulting in actions
are mere considerations or ideas.
I mentioned that not every action requires a conviction. However,
all of our actions actually result from a universal conviction to be
happy, and happier. This drives all of our other convictions and
actions, and every conviction is ultimately in agreement with our
universal conviction.
Even in the mind of a person taking his or her own life, the desire
for happiness overcomes the fear of death, believing that suicide is
the “happier” alternative to life.
Biblical faith is having the conviction that Jesus Christ himself is
our only joy and happiness. We were created to crave this perfect
happiness, and God gave His son Jesus Christ out of His love for
us, to satisfy our craving.
Shall we ask ourselves: Do I have the conviction that Jesus Christ
is my only joy and happiness? What actions and decisions in my
life give evidence of this conviction?
Do I make decisions that contradict this conviction?
Faith that is evident makes God-honoring decisions and actions. It
makes evident our desire to want Christ and godliness over
everything of this world. Let us consider what we “give up” and
“endure” for Christ as joy and gain because the utmost happiness
comes from surrendering our lives to Jesus Christ.
Author Resource:- David Lee is the founder & Executive Director of
Evident Faith, a ministry that feature personal faith stories of
everyday Christians and share them with people that are in need,
pain and without hope. http://www.evidentfaith.org


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